Pranoto at a Master Class, Midland Junction Arts Centre, 2011



     Pranoto was born in a small village outside
     Solo, Central Java in 1952. He was driven
     to be an artist from an early age, so he
     moved to Ubud, Bali in 1974 to pursue his
     dream. He changed course from his
     background in batik to be a painter and
     nothing else.
     He was successful in his ambitions and has
     participated in solo and group exhibitions
     throughout Indonesia.

    As an early arrival in Bali, he has been a
    support to many artists settling in Bali,
    also providing advice and guidance.
    Over the years he has collected his friends'
    work, which is what led to the establishment
    of Pranoto's Art Gallery in 1996. This has
    been a wonderful project, not only for the
    presentation of his collection, but for solo
    and group exhibitions, and the model sessions
    that take place twice a week at the gallery.

   Pranoto has always enjoyed experimenting
   with different techniques and media,
   constantly adding new skills to his repertoire.
   The model sessions have provided
   a space to experiment and marked the most
   productive era of his artistic life. He has
   experimented with tinted plaster on ceramic,
   pastel on sandpaper and pastel paper,
   as well as oil paint on sandpaper, which provides
   a rich texture to work on and a dark ground.
   Currently he is working in charcoal on paper,
   which he has exhibited in Bali and Australia.
   These works are more like "painting with black
   and white" than they are drawings,
   as one artist commented.

   Pranoto's work reflects his colour sensitivity and
   passion to capture the presentation of light,
   which creates a luminous glow to his figures.

        Pranoto in Java checking the figures- 2008


 2012-    Gallery East Christmas Show,
group exhibition,                  Fremantle Western Australia

            - Adi's Gallery,
group exhibition, Ubud, Bali    
            - Arslonga Vita Brevis,
group exhibition, Sragen, Java                     

 "Capturing the Light" Solo exhibition,
                100 works at Gallery East, North Fremantle and
                Midland Junction Arts Centre, Artist in Resident
                through City of Swan, Life Drawing Master Classes
                and Marathon, June

            - Gallery East Christmas Show,
group exhibition,                 Fremantle Western Australia

            - Reopening Pranoto's Art Gallery, group exhibition,                 Teges, Bali

"Body Light and Exotic" Two artists, Auli and Pranoto
               at Terasseni Gallery, Ubud          

 "At Home" with Kerry Pendergrast at
                 Pranoto's Art Gallery
, June, July  

"The Gradations" Terasseni Gallery, Group Show,
             Pengesekan, Ubud

Pranoto's Art Gallery Allstars, Three Monkeys Cafe
             With Kerry Pendergrast, Nyoman Wirdana,
             Dana Hendra Basuki and Bambang Wiwoho
            - Black and White,
(Group show) at Barata Gallery,

Sanur Festival, August, (Group Show)
           - Body Double,
Tim Brown and Pranoto,
             Bali Mystique Hotel, Kerobokan
           - Gecek Bali, (Group Show), December
            Adipata Soeryo Fine Art Gallery, Jalan Raya Ubud 

5 British and 5 Indonesian artists
           touring Exhibition, London, Brighton,
           Jengala Gallery, Bali and Pranoto's Art
           Gallery, Ubud, June to September

- Life Drawing- the Nude, artists
           from Korea and Indonesia,
           Danwon Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

- Pranoto at the Waroeng, Monkey
  Forest  Road, Ubud, Solo exhibition

"Works by Pranoto and Kerry
Sydney, Australia, private gallery
     - "Mind in Painting" Group
          Exhibition, Sanur Plaza Hotel, Denpasar
     - Pameran Lukisan Nasional II,

Jakarta, Surabaya, Surakata,

    - "Natural" Pranoto and Kerry Pendergrast,
       Charcoal and Soft Pastel, Maya Ubud Resort
    - "Radiance" Pranoto and Kerry Pendergrast,
       Charcoal and Soft Pastel, Pranoto's
       Gallery, Ubud
    -  Group Exhibition at Hansen's
       Gallery, Sanggingan, Ubud
    - "Paintings from Ubud"
       Pranoto, Kerry Pendergrast, Joe Mintardja,
       Hamka, Cindy, Agustian and Awik.
       Koi Gallery, Jakarta  (Group exhibition)
    -"Pesta Lihat Lukisan No 5"
        Sony Painters Place, Petulu, Ubud
        (Group exhibition)


Pranoto in 2006

Pranoto and Kerry Pendergrast


 2003- "Terlanjang" Millenium Gallery,
               Jakarta, Indonesia (Solo exhibition)
            - "Duet", Maya Ubud Resort,
              Pranoto and  Kerry
            - "Kelompok Himpas", Galeri Seni
               Rupa, Surakata, Java (Group)

 2002 -  "Ubud Views" Pranoto's Art
                Gallery, Ubud, Bali  (Group)
            - "Works in Pastel" , Galeri 9,
               Jogjakarta, Java (Group)
            - "Ten Go Postmo" , Pranoto's Post
                Modern Gallery (Group)


- Puri Art Gallery, Malang Java
          - "Small II" Pranoto's. (Group)
          -  "Black and White",
           Bunga Bunga Bali, (Group)

 2000- Works in Pastel Pranoto's Gallery,
          -  "Small", Pranoto's Gallery (Group)
          -  "Human Form II" Pranoto's
              Gallery (Group)
          -   Selected Artists, Malang, East Java
          -   "Pameran Lukisan" Estetika
              Millenia Nusantara 2000, Grand Bali
              Beach, Sanur, Bali

Pranoto and friend at new studio

 1999-Painters in Pairs, Pranoto's Gallery
          - Figure Drawing , Sanur Raya (Group)
          - Melia Hotel Jogjakarta (Group)

 1998- "Human Form I" Pranoto's (Group)

 1997- Chandra Gallery, Ubud, Bali

 1996- Opening of Pranoto's Art Gallery,
            Ubud, Bali

 1995- HBS Reunion-Solo Artists Association
             Hotel Dana, Solo, Java, (Group)

Gift from the artist- Dana Hendra Basuki-
for his friend Mr Pranoto A Raji

 1993- Gebyar Seni Balai Budaya, Jakarta,
           Java (Group)

 1991- Exhibition of Paintings,
           Bali Hilton International,
          Nusa Dua, (Solo Exhibition)
          - Dialog 6 Balai Budaya, Jakarta, Java
          - Neka Museum, Ubud, Bali (Group)

 1990- Museum Bali, Denpasar (Group)

 1980-87 Joined the Annual Bali Arts
           Festival Exhibition, Denpasar, Bali

 1979 Art Centre Werdhi Budaya,
            Denpasar, Bali (Solo Exhibition)

 1978-77-76 Art Centre Werdhi Budaya,
      Denpasar (Group of 4 artists)

Pranoto in 1978

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