Kerry Pendergrast

Ceiling Mural at the Maya Ubud Spa, 2006

Side Panel

 A new work of art is on display at the Maya Ubud 
 Spa Reception; a ceiling mural by Australian born
 artist, Kerry Pendergrast.
 Kerry has lived in Ubud for 14 years, during which
 time she has been instrumental in organizing model
 sessions with her husband Pranoto at their gallery.
 She has drawn and painted the models in many
 media, but her favourite and most consistent is line
 drawing with pen on paper.
 The challenge with line drawing is to reduce the art
 form to its most fundamental aspect. To capture the
 human figure in this way requires a fine quality of
 line, a steady hand and assuredness in the artist.
 It takes many years of practice to perfect this style,
 even though the drawings may be completed in 5
 or 10 minutes. It is a long tradition in art; the most
 famous line drawings are by Matisse and Picasso.

  The Maya Ubud has several line drawings by Kerry in the spa rooms. The theme of the human figure fits
  the tranquil, healing setting of the spa treatments. 
  The owners of the Maya were inspired to ask Kerry to paint line drawings on the ceiling of
  the spa to further enhance the theme.
  She designed the mural, using brush and ink to recreate her line drawings of models from Bali,
  Indonesia and all over the world. There are 55 drawings of male and female models in the fresco.
  The work took one month to complete.
  It is the first time Kerry has painted a ceiling, and she has chosen to evoke a Grecian decorative effect
  by painting the figures around the border, surrounding a central panel of 10 figures.
  She includes decoration from Indonesian textiles.
  The result is a unique creative collaboration between the hotel and the artist.







Three Men


Corner panel


Three Women

Reclining Woman

Corner panel

Four Women- side panel

Two Men- corner panel

Three Men- Side Panel

Three Women- Side panel

 Three Women- Central panel

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