Kerry Pendergrast

Kerry at the Opening of
 "Windows to Nature" at the Alila Ubud Hotel, 2008

Kerry in the ricefields, 2007

   Kerry Pendergrast was born in Perth,
   Western Australia in 1963, studied
   Humanities at Curtin University and after
   graduating in 1986, pursued a career in
   theatre and music.

   A trip to Bali changed her fate, when she
   met her Indonesian artist husband, Pranoto.
   She moved to Ubud, Bali in 1993 and has
   two children.

   It has been during her time in Ubud that she
   developed as an artist herself. She began to
   attend and organize model sessions, draws
   and paints models twice a week.
   The models and artists attending these
   sessions come from all over the world.
   Ubud has been a connecting
   place for artists for many years and the sense
   of community and support amongst artists
   (both Indonesian and from overseas) is
   always apparent and enhanced through the
   model sessions.
   This also creates an inspiring environment
   for Kerry as an artist, as well as managing
   Pranoto' s Gallery with her husband,
   where they have hosted many exhibitions.

Kerry with Family- Pranoto, Tahlia and Emil, 2007

Drawing at the Lotus pond and temple,
Ubud 2003

   Kerry had her first exhibition at Seniwati
   Gallery (Art by Women) in 1998. She
   showed  her assured line drawings and bright
   acrylic paintings.
   All the pieces were completed in the model
   She has since had several solo exhibitions
   in Indonesia and Australia, as well as many
   group shows. She has also developed a love
   for drawing in pastels, completing pieces
   outside in nature, beginning with a holiday
   to Lombok in 2001.

   Kerry enjoys the experience of sitting in front
   of a scene, capturing the light and feeling an
   interaction that is immediate and fresh in her
   The medium of soft pastel on sandpaper
   creates a luxurious texture and enhances the
   colours of the pastels. The other aspect of
   her work continues in the model sessions,
   where she uses watercolour on paper.
   She explores the richness of colour,
   transparency and the interaction of pigments.
   Her work reflects her love of life in Bali-the
   lushness of the countryside, and the delicate
   patterns and textiles of Indonesia that
   continue to fascinate her as an artist.



 2012-Exhibition at Vanya's Cafe, "Spring Pastels"
Fremantle, Western Australia

- Exhibition and Artist in Residency in Phuket,
 Thailand at Phuket International Academy and Thanyamundra  Organic Resort

 -Exhibition at Lake View Hotel and Restaurant,
Kintamani, Bali, from January 2011

- Solo show at Juice Ja Restaurant, Jalan Dewi Sita,      Ubud, Sept/Oct

 2008- "Windows to Nature" at the Alila Hotel, Ubud
  Pastel landscapes and scenes from Bali, Western
   and Java, June 7th - July 30th

"Pastel Figures"
  Juice Ja
, Ubud, Bali, September

  - "Pastels from Bali and Australia"
  ANZA House, Kemang, Jakarta
, August 1st-31st

- "Perth and Paradise", The Artspace Gallery,
  Nedlands, Pastel landscapes in Soft pastel from Western
  Australia and Bali
, April 13th- 27th

   - Solo Exhibition at Three Monkeys Cafe,
 Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, October

 2006- "Bali In My Eyes", Bali Mystique Hotel,
 Kerobokan, Bali, Landscapes in Soft Pastel

 2006- Maya Ubud Spa Reception Ceiling Mural
  Line Drawings in brush and ink of 55 figures from
  drawings at the model sessions.

 2005- Kerry Pendergrast at The Waroeng,
  Monkey Forest Road, Ubud

 -"A Fine Line" Pen and Ink Line Drawings,
 at the Cafe Des Artistes, Ubud

 2004-Pastels at the Ramayana Resort
  and Spa, Kuta

  -"Fragrance II" Maya Ubud Resort,
 flower pastels

 2003-"Three Sides of Me", Pranoto's Art
 Gallery, Line drawings, watercolours and

 -"Fragrance" Maya Ubud Resort,
   pastels of flowers

 2002- Kerry Pendergrast at Amankila,
 Pastels, Bali

 2001-Kerry Pendergrast at Maya Ubud
   Resort, Line Drawings and Pastel, Ubud,

 2000- "Views and Gardens",
  Works in Pastel,  Seniwati Gallery, Ubud,
   Bali 2000

 1999-"Watercolour and Line Drawing",
   Victoria  Park Centre for the Arts,Perth,
   Western Australia

 1998- Kerry Pendergrast at Tutmak ,
   Acrylic Paintings, Ubud, Bali

 1997- "Woman in Moment and
", Acrylic Paintings and Line
     Drawings, Seniwati Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Kerry in Lucky Bay, Esperance,
Western Australia, 2006

Drawing at Sanur, 2006

Exhibition in Australia, 1999


 2012- Seniwati Gallery Artspace Opening, Batubulan, Bali
                Seniwati New Beginnings
at Griya Santrian Hotel
                Group exhibition,
Arslonga, Sragen, Java
                Group exhibition
at Adi’s Gallery, Ubud
                Gallery East Christmas Show, East Fremantle, Western Australia           

 2011- Pranoto’s Art Gallery, re-opening at Teges
                Gallery East Christmas Show,
East Fremantle, Western Australia

 2010-  "Flower Power" with Nyoman Wirdana
     at Pranoto's Art Gallery

 "At Home" with Pranoto at Pranoto's Art Gallery

 "Art in the Garden" with Jan Merrills
     Art inspired by gardens and flowers
     Opposite Botanic Gardens Ubud, August 30th and 31st

    Pranoto's Art Gallery Allstars, Three Monkeys Cafe
    With Pranoto, Nyoman Wirdana, Dana Hendra Basuki
    and Bambang Wiwoho

"Calonarang" book and exhibition launch Kerobokan

    Sanur Festival Exhibition, August

 2006-  "Calonarang" by Toeti Heraty, one of 20 women artists
   who illustrated the book's version in English. Exhibitions at Alila,
   Ubud and Cemati Gallery, Jakarta

   Victoria Park Art Awards,
Western Australia,
     Highly Commended Award for "Tegallang", soft pastel

   Life Drawing- the Nude, artists from
      Korea and Indonesia, Danwon Gallery,
      Seoul, South Korea

 2005- "Art Among Friends"
      Community Centre, Andong, Bali

    "Bali Bienale" August, September 2005
      Group Exhibition in 9 galleries, two pastels at
      Komaneka,  Monkey Forest Road, Ubud

    "Views From the Real World" Landscape
     artists, Kerry Pendergrast, Bambang Wiwoho,
     Munadi and  Roesli Hakim, Pranoto's Art Gallery

 2004- "Works by Pranoto and
    Kerry Pendergrast"
Sydney,  Australia,
   private gallery

    "Mind in Painting" Group Exhibition,
    Sanur Plaza Hotel, Denpasar

  "Natural" Pranoto and Kerry Pendergrast,
   Charcoal and Soft  Pastel, Maya Ubud Resort

   Pameran Lukisan Nasional II, (LESBUMI)
 Jakarta, Surabaya, Surakata

   "Radiance", Pranoto and Kerry Pendergrast,
   Charcoal and Soft Pastel, Pranoto's Art Gallery,

   Group Exhibition at Hansen's Gallery, Sanggingan,

  "Paintings from Ubud", including Pranoto,
    Kerry Pendergrast, Joe Mintardja, Hamka, Cindy,
   Agustian and Awik, Koi Gallery, Jakarta

  "Pesta Lihat Lukisan" No 5, Sony Painter's
    Place, Petulu, Ubud, Bali

 2003- Yoga festival, Indus, Ubud, Bali

   "Duet" Maya Ubud Resort, Pranoto and Kerry

   "Cinta Damai Indonesia", Hotel Hilton,
   Surabaya, Java.

   "Seniwati Women Artitsts Group"
    Biwa Bazaar, Sheraton Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali.

  "Sama Hati" , Pranoto's, Osaka-
    Indonesia Art Exchanges Association.

 2002- "Ubud Views", Pranoto's Art Gallery,
   Ubud, Bali.

  "The Bus Stops Here" , Seniwati Women's Life
    Drawing Group, Seniwati Gallery.

  "Works in Pastel" , Galeri 9, Jogjakarta, Java.
    Victoria Park Art Awards , Perth, Australia
    2002, 2001, 2000.

   "Works in Pastel" , Galeri 9, Jogjakarta,
    Java (Group)

    "Ten go Postmo",
    Pranoto's Post Modern Gallery, Ubud.

 2001- "Two Cultures Exhibition",
   Bunga Bunga Bali.

    Puri Art Gallery, Malang, Java.

  "Small 2", 2001, Pranoto's

Kerry and Pranoto in Java, 2008
Art is veiled mysteriously

Drawing at Sanur, 2006

Pranoto and Kerry, before the show
"Painters in Pairs", 1999

Kerry in 2004

 2000- "Black and White", Bunga Bunga Bali,
   Kuta Centre.

  "Small" , Pranoto's Gallery.

  "Human Form II" , Pranoto's Gallery.

  "Women Seeing Women" , Seniwati.

 1999- Beggars Bush, Ubud, Bali.
   Bali Starling Art Exhibition

 1999-2000, Seniwati,Oberoi Hotel
  (Seminyak, Bali)
   and World Expo 2000,Hannover, Germany.

   Melia Hotel, Jogjakarta, Java

  "Figure Drawing" Pranoto's Art Gallery artists
   with the Sanur Life  rawing Group, Sanur Bypass,

  "Women Seeing Men" , Seniwati.

  "Painters in Pairs" , Pranoto's Gallery

 1998- "Human Form", Pranoto's Gallery, Ubud.


Kerry in Perth at an art weekend in
Victoria Park, 1999

First solo show-1998

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