Pranoto's Art Gallery
Jalan Raya, Teges - Goa Gajah
Tengkulak Kaja, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
(see map below)

Phone- 970827
Mobiles, Pranoto-081353016899, or 081246361841

Life Model Sessions at Pranoto's Art Gallery
All artists welcome-Wednesday and Saturday 10am-1pm
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Pranoto's Art Gallery is a lively, active gallery, which hosts life-drawing model sessions, art lessons and a
large fine art collection of paintings by Indonesian and international artists.

The gallery is run by the artist couple,
Pranoto and his Australian born wife Kerry Pendergrast.

In Loving Memory

Kerry Pendergrast
5th of January 1963 - 25th of November 2013

Location of Pranoto's Art Gallery- Ten to fifteen minutes drive from central Ubud.
On the road to Goa Gajah temple and Gianyar, next door to Villa Bumi Sekembang, and just before the Duck Man shop. From Peliatan traffic lights follow the road to Goa Gajah you pass the petrol station on the left and then we are another 500 metres down the road, also on the left. See images of Gallery

Private painting lessons for adults
please contact our email address or see us at the gallery!

A selection of paintings by Kerry Pendergrast and Pranoto:

   +Kerry Pendergrast

Photo and Biodata

   Reviews of Work


         + Pastels from Bali and Java  
           + Pastels from Thailand
      + South Korea
         + Pastels from Perth, Western Australia
         + New South Wales

         + Flower Pastels
         + Oil Paintings, Bali
         + Oil Paintings, Western Australia

         +Acrylic Paintings

         + Pastels of Figures
         + Pastel Portraits on Paper

         + Ceiling Mural at the Maya Ubud Spa           

         + Water colour

         + Line Drawing

         + Commisions


   Photo and Biodata

   Reviews of Work

       +Acrylic Paintings

+Abstract Paintings

       +Pranoto's Solo Exhibition
       - at Milenium Galeri, Jakarta, 2003
      +Oil Paintings


       +Tinted Plaster on board and ceramic

       +Charcoal on Paper
+A Retrospective of
         Pranoto's Work


   +A Selection of Other Artists
    From Pranoto's Art Gallery

   All available for viewing-
   go through the Other Artists
   section or click on the artist
   you want to view:

   Ramli Arisman, Arfiel Ashad,

   I Dewa Made Artha,

   Bayu. M, Bram Brawida, Budi Siswanto,

   AS Budiono, Mas Dibyo,

   Yanuar Ernawati, Joko Gundul,

   Gunawan Hanjaya, George Hayward

   Jerry T, Wiko Joan, Agus Katrok,

   Shigeyo Kobayashi ,Djoko KS,

   Syarhiel Lasahido, Maruto,

   S.Mulyono, Nanang AR, Nashar,

   I Nyoman Kenak Dana, Nyoman Nurbawa,

Ida Bagus Nyoman Rai, Rizal,

  Morrie RohlickDadang Rukmana,
Yanto Sane,

   Midori Shimose, Sihong,  Martin Sitepu, Joni K Solan,

   Tanto Stanley,  Djoko Sudiro, Sukirno,

   Ventje Sumaukil,
Suminarto, Agus Sunandar,

   Sri Supriatini, MG Syawalluddin (Gusdin), Tantri,

   Achmad Tem, Delly Tezar,Lukman Usdianto,

   Weldo, X'Ling, S.Yadi.K

     Featured Artists:-

     +Neil J Austin

 +Bambang Wiwoho

     +Dana Hendra Basuki


     +Sutan Chaidir



     +Masaya Kurobe

     +Misran DS


      +Nyoman Wirdana

     +Annie Ogle

      +Tahlia Raji

     +Wayan Sujana(Suklu)


     +Winarno G Wiguno

     +Other Artists

Online Art Book The Artists Speak by Chris James Wee
Interviews with Affandi, Donald Friend, Ben Cabrera, Jason Monet and Pranoto
This book is produced by Chris James Wee as a gift to Indonesian students of art.
click here for English version

Buku - Pelukis Bicara oleh Chris James Wee
Buku ini diterbitkan sebagai persembahan buat pelajar senirupa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia-click disini

Links- For Bali news and our sessions on their community pages
  Bali Spirit festival for Yoga and music, regular classes at the Yoga Barn, our gallery listed 
 Website about Bali and what's on
          British Indonesian Arts Society, who exhibited at our gallery 
Gallery East, Regular exhibitions, including Pranoto in June 2011
          Features Pranoto and Kerry's work   
    Our friend Peter Efford, shares our passion for life drawing   
    Hosted Pranoto's exhibition and workshops in 2011. Regular Art Activities
  Rica Ojara, fabulous artist and creator of our website      
         Thailand-Kerry was artist in residence at school and Thanyamudra Resort in February 2011            


Ganesha by Pranoto, 1983, Oil on board (temple door), 47 x 30cm
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+Family Photos--click on Family Photos to travel back in time -updated October, 2011