Family Photos-2011
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Kerry, Auntie Roma (my mum's sister), Pranoto at Kings Park


Ida and the solo dance performers, Klungkung

Ida's feather duster solo dance, Suklu's place, Klungkung

My room, got my photos up and my earrings hung- Yay!

Yani who works at the gallery

Next three-Fashion parade at The Red Carpet champagne bar, Seminyak


Installing the window, Pranoto working hard


Tahlia gives a guitar lesson to our cute
and talented percussionist neighbour, Gus Tu, 11

I guess she is sorry she did that now I put it on the internet- nice one of Gus tu though and the artist's hang out part of the gallery,
See part of Pranoto's rockery behind

Visitors to the new gallery

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