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Ramli Arisman

"Flying Birds" 1977
gouache on paper, 13 x 18cm

US$ 500



Agus Katrok
Acrylic on paper, 35 x 40cm

US$ 300

"Purple Dancers" 1999
Oil on Paper, 13 x 50cm

US$ 300

"Rainbow Dancers"
Oil on Canvas, 17 x 47cm

US$ 300

"Under Cover"
Oil on Canvas, 120 x 60cm

US$ 950


 "Sleeping Beauty"
Oil on Canvas, 35 x 40cm

US$ 250

 Weldo is a self taught artist.
 He lives in Kuta, Bali and has many
 exhibitions there, including a solo
 exhibition at Salim Gallery, Kerobokan
 in 2006.
 Weldo himself is one of his finest art
 achievements. He always takes great
 care in his appearance. Many chains,
 jewellery, piercings and tattoos adorn
 him every day.

I Nyoman Kenak Dana
Traditional artist from Peliatan, Ubud
"Fishing Family"
Ink on Paper, 27 x 18cm

US$ 125



I Nyoman Kenak Dana
"Waiting for the Fishermen"
Ink on paper, 27 x 18cm

US$ 125

Shigeyo Kobayashi
"Bananas and Water" 2001
Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 24cm

US$ 650


Shigeyo Kobayashi
"Spill" 2001
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30cm

US$ 650

 Shigeyo Kobayashi was born in Japan in 1957. She studied at the  Bunka Women's University of Tokyo and STSI, Denpasar, Bali.
  A versatile artist, Kobayashi has worked in painting, sculpture,  installations, photography and stage settings. She studied with a North  American Indian tribe, as well as studying in Indonesia with the  Balinese artist, Mokoh.
 These paintings show a playful blend of traditional Balinese technique,  found  objects and sewing.



Dadang Rakmana
"Figure and Swirls"
Pen on Paper, 15 x 20cm


Dadang Rakmana
"Charming Girl"
Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 37cm
US$ 800


Tanto Stanley
"Beach and Trees in Flower"
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 95cm

US$ 800

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