Other Artists of Pranoto's Art Gallery- Page Seven

"Flying Hibiscus"
Charcoal Pencil on paper
40 x 40cm

US $ 240


Morrie Rohlick

"Flowers and Rice

Coloured Pencil and
Watercolour on Paper

51 x 66 cm

US$ 2500

Syahriel Lasahido

"Tepi Laut
" 2001
Acrylic on Canvas, 15 x 30 cm
US$ 250

 Syariel Lasahido
was born in Poso, Central
 Sulawesi in 1948. He studied at the Jakarta Art
 Institute Under Nashar and Oesman Effendy from
 1972 until 1974. Received a scholarship from the
 Dutch Government for two years study at the
 Academy of Fine Art Rotterdam. In 1980 he
 returned to Indonesia. In 1983/4 he traveled to
 Spain and Morocco. 1986 saw him move back to
 Bali to live in Sanur and open a studio where he
 lives currently.

Syahriel Lasahido

"Black Sewing Machine"2000

Acrylic on Canvas

25 x 30 cm

US$ 250


Sri Supriatini
"Two Buddha Faces
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 33 cm

US$ 700

 Born in Jogjakarta, Java in 1958, Graduate
 ISI, Jogjakarta (Art University).Sri is a
 lecturer in art at Udayana Art University in

 "This life is full of harshness and softness
  which are always changing and full of
  colour. So too are the feelings of my heart,
  which I try to express on canvas. I choose
  sculpted objects, mossy stones and tones,
  which bring joy to my life."

Achmad Tem
"Life in the Jungle
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 40 cm

US$ 350









Oil on Canvas, 17 x 22 cm

US$ 850

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