Other Artists of Pranoto's Gallery-Page Four

Ventje Sumaukil
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40cm
US$ 550



 Ventje Sumaukil was born in Jakarta
 1941. Lives in Sanur, Bali. A self taught
 artist, he has exhibited all over the world.
 1967 to 1970 he traveled through
 Cambodia, Thailand, India, France and

Yanto Sane
"Flower of Paradise"
Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 70cm
US$ 2500

 Yanto Sane b. approx 1945, died 2002.
  He was a self taught artist. He stated
  himself that he had "a passion
  for experimentation to achieve 
  When he was young he was obsessed
  with sailing, travelling all over Indonesia
  before settling in Bali. 

Lukman Usdianto
"Candi Prambanan" 1997
Oil on Canvas, 49 x 49cm

US$ 620

   Lukman Usdianto was born in
   Semarang, Java in 1960.

   Graduate of ISI Jogjakarta(Art University).
   His recent works depict the creative spirit
   resulting from the act of honestly submitting
   himself to fate in order to understand

   Some of his works depict depression and

   "I am trying to appreciate that although life
   can be full of apprehension, we could also be
   sincerely happy because there is 
   always hope."


Lukman Usdianto
"Barong Macan" 1998
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 70cm

US$ 1200

Wiko Joan "Beban" 1998
Oil on Canvas, 100 x 88cm

US$ 1500 

 Wiko Joan was born in Purworejo,
 Kedu, Central Java.
 Graduated from STSRI Jogjakarta
 Art University in 1986.
 He has participated in several
 Bienale exhibitions in Indonesia,
 as well as exhibiting in Japan,
 Switzerland, Holland and U.S.
 He was a batik artist and teacher in
 Jogjakarta for many years and his
 pointillist paintngs reflect his expertise
 in that area.
 He lived in Alice Springs, Australia
 for a few years, working with
 Aboriginal artists.
 He is now a contributor to the
 Jakarta Post with his photography
 and lives in Bali.


Bram Brawida
born in Java, 1965
Self taught artist living in Bali.

"Balinese Temple" 1998

Watercolour on Paper, 20 x 28cm


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