Dana Hendra Basuki

  Dana was born in Jember, Java in 1954.
  He studied with the artist Rudolf Bonnet and artists
  of the Sanur school of Balinese painting-of which style is emulated here.

  "I believe the strength of my lines have the potential to be mysterious and

  Dana's intricate design and repeated gradation in the contours
  of the shapes reverberate around all the figures and objects in his paintings.
  This makes a harmony of his pictorial scenes and unifies all the details
  throughout his compositions. It is always a pleasure to be able to gaze
  at his paintings and be rewarded by a new detail or his light sense of humour.


Dana Hendra Basuki

"Bathing at the Spring" 2001
Ink on Paper, 25 x 18 cm

US$ 250



Dana Hendra Basuki

"Loro Jonggrang" 1997
Ink on Paper, 22 x 15 cm

US$ 200



Dana Hendra Basuki

"Buddha" 1997
Coloured Pecil andInk on Paper,
37 x 27 cm

US$ 300

Dana Hendra Basuki
“Moonlight at Tawangmangu” 1997
Water colour on paper, 27 x 37 cm

US $ 300


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