Annie Ogle

"Portrait" 1982
Oil on Canvas
40 x 50 cm

Not for sale



 Annie Ogle  was born in Minneapolis,  Minnesota, USA
 in 1940, into a small farming community.
 She studied art at the Minneapolis School of Arts
  in 1958-9, particularly enjoying life drawing classes.

 From 1960 to 1985, Annie traverse the world as cabin
 staff with PanAm Airlines, finally  coming to rest in
 Bali with its healing and spiritual energy.

 She joined a small group of artists in San Francisco in a    private studio from  1980-85. There she created oil
  paintings with bold colours and textures.

 In Bali she has created a home and studio in a secluded part
 of  the Sayan Valley, overlooking a spectacular view
 of the Ayung River and its rising rice terraces.

  She co-founded life drawing sessions at the Seniwati
 Women's Art Gallery in 1994 and attends sessions at
 Pranoto's Gallery.

 She is a dedicated artist and uses her many drawings from
 the sessions to create intricate pencil work with mosaic
 and stained glass motifs.

 She had her first solo show in 2000 in Bali, called "Now and  Then", where she combined her early work in San
 Francisco with her work from Bali.

 She has participated in many group shows in Bali and  Malaysia.

"Two Violas" 1999
Coloured Pencil on Paper
37 x 43 cm

US$ 450

"Five Nude Figures
" 2001
Coloured Pencil on Paper
43 x 37 cm

US$ 450


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